US Soccer Announces Changes to Youth Soccer in 2016

Posted by PSU Communications on Aug 26 2015 at 08:53PM PDT in 2015-2016

PS United members,

This week, US Soccer announced two important changes that will have an impact on youth soccer to encourage further youth development.

The first is a shift from a school year (August 1-July 31) to a calendar year (January 1-December 31) structure when determining the U level (age your child is under) your child will register for.

Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) will soon begin to formulate an implementation strategy. PS United will also be studying this change and evaluating how it impacts our team formation. It will be some time before we can work through the options; however we will clearly communicate to you how this impacts your child and the current structure of your child’s team. Only Canada and the United States use the August 1-July 31 system, while the rest of the world determines a child’s U level based on calendar year birthdays.

The second is a mandate for small-sided soccer. Wisconsin has been playing small-sided soccer for many years, so the changes here are subtle. It appears the main change will be the number of players on the field, where U9 and U10 will expand from 6v6 to 7v7, and U11 and U12 will expand play from 8v8 to 9v9.

These changes are recommended for next year, 2016-2017, but will be mandated for 2017-2018. As a club we will be evaluating the changes, and with guidance from WYSA, will be determining the best approach to implement these changes.

Brian Schmidt, President


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