U17B Coach Report

Posted by PSU Communications on May 24 2018 at 03:01PM PDT in 2017-2018

Coach’s Report: U17B Red coach by Zach Papanikolaou

The U17 boys have been absolutely incredible in our spring season. The very first competition we had, we participated in the Rick Kilps tournament in Racine, and we reached the championship game playing against Rick Kilps’ own team (he is the director of the Racine soccer club, and the coach of our opponents). In the early rounds, our amazing U17 boys won both games, beating Sports Club 3-0, and then beating Rick Kilps team 2-0, the same team that advanced for the championship. While we were defeated in the championship, I’m so proud of my players because basically all four games we played there, we had no subs and then in the championship game Rick Kilps brought fresh players who hadn’t played the previous day. Our team finished very respectably as the runners up in the tournament.

The incredible success of our U17 boys begins in our conference games, and the very first opponent we had to face was Parkland Soccer Club, with tremendous recognition and reputation. To magnify how amazing our team was in that particular game, we competed with just 10 players and finished in a 3-1 victory.

Then the next day, the same 10 players traveled to Neenah along with three additional teammates. Another great performance with a 0-0 draw. Tremendous effort over this weekend where our bench was thin, but a phenomenal performance from every single player involved – every single player left every single ounce of effort and energy on the field by competing against an absolutely outstanding Neenah team.

This last weekend Green Bay visited at Halquist and what a phenomenal performance again by the U17s, with absolutely no subs and playing in horrific 45-degree rain. Early in the second half we went up 1-0, then with about ten minutes left Green Bay tied, 1-1, and again, our U17 boys showed their determination, class and ability by getting the winning goal three minutes before the 90 minutes were up for a brilliant 2-1 victory.

To summarize everything, after three conference games, outscoring opponents and being undefeated in three games, that’s an absolutely incredible performance by this team.

I’m so grateful and thankful for this phenomenal and talented group of players that really love the game, worked very hard for each other, bring tremendous good attitude, and have been absolutely brilliant in our season. I expect the team to finish the season on a very high note. Congratulations, U17 boys, Coach Zach is very proud to be involved with you boys! Thank you very much.


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